The rate of air travel is still relatively low compared to pre-pandemic days, but we’re seeing a steady climb as more people receive their second vaccinations and are ready to leave the house.

The TSA has reported that they screened 86,000 more people on March 14th than on the same day a year ago, just after the World Health Organization had announced the worldwide pandemic status. And nearly every day after the 14th, the TSA has screened roughly one million people, which further shows the growing confidence among travellers.

Travel Leader’s Network has reported that 32 percent of their U.S. clients have booked their next vacation already. They conducted the survey between February 26th and March 2nd of this year. Moreover, 24 percent of those surveyors who have not booked their next vacation, indicated they are currently planning one, and another 41 percent desire to take another trip soon.

According to the story on Travel Agent Central:
Looking out over an airplane wing with a deep blue sky in the background and over a few sparse clouds. A beautiful photo of air travel.

In terms of timing for their next trip, 34 percent [of travellers] are planning to take their vacation this spring or summer; an additional 23 percent are planning to travel this fall, while five percent are looking at year-end holidays for travel.

A few factors can be responsible for the air travel resurgence.

Vaccines are readily available to someHere in Florida, vaccinations are becoming available in a variety of ways. They just opened the state up to vaccinations for anyone 16 and older. There are pop-up clinics, vaccination clinics in old department stores, and even the Orange County (Orlando) convention center’s parking garage has been the site for testing and vaccinations since testing began. Other states are even further ahead with their vaccination plans, so people are making tentative travel plans for summer and fall.

Optimism continues to rise among travel executives.When the pandemic started last year, travel companies braced for quite a downfall. But now that people are rushing out the door for new destinations, the executives are starting to have a change of heart.

United’s CEO Scott Kirbytold CNBCthat there was “going to be more travel” in the days ahead.

“You’ve already bought a new washing machine; you don’t have to buy another one. People already bought a new car, did a home repair. And it’s going to mean a lot more available to spend in ’22, ’23, ’24 for leisure demand,” Kirby said. A year ago, he was not so keen to share hopeful thoughts.

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian also said that Delta looks to be “at or pretty darn close to breakeven for the month of March.”

Stocks are going up, big time.
Another sign that travel is on the rise? Travel stocks are showing positive momentum as investors show belief in the travel industry once again.

With safety protocols in place at airports and among travel couriers like planes and trains, the public is feeling more confident about air travel and train travel again.

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