Durability started with us.

We set the industry standards for durability and continually undergo rigorous testing to ensure you will never have to compromise.

When you choose Travelpro®, you know you’re getting a bag that is ready to handle anything you want to put it through.

Tested to Perform.

“Traveling well” is less about how many miles you log and more about how well-prepared you are to log them.

Broken zippers and lost wheels are simply unacceptable. Used workout clothes, starched shirts, and favorite accessories all deserve their own place.

That’s why we build bags that hold up, hold everything in, and never hold you down.

Rolling Test

We roll the fully loaded luggage for several miles to verify the wheels can withstand mileage and vibration.

Handle Strength Test

We perform both top and side handle strength test with loaded weight for over several thousand cycles per handle.

Cold Drop Test

We place the luggage in a freezer for a couple of hours, we then perform a drop test on all corners
and wheels.

Retractable Handle Test

We perform a handle lifting test with the handle fully expanded and fully loaded luggage.

Fabric Seam Strength Test

We test sewn fabric seams together to verify its strength when being pulled apart.

Zipper Test

We perform open and close testing on the zippers for several thousand cycles.

Abrasion Test

We test the fabric for wear and peeling using an abrasion wheel.