The travel industry has taken a significant hit over the last several months and has worked steadily to regain their customers’ trust. To help regain that trust, companies associated with the travel industry have developed products to help the industry put customers’ minds at ease.

Key locations like airports and hotels have adopted different products to ensure convenience and health, like health screening kiosks, as well as protocols that help people keep safe, like requiring face masks and social distancing.

And hotels are taking several precautions to improve their room and facility sanitation procedures. To help boost their effectiveness, a cloud-based computing company, CIRQ+, has produced a sterilization robot called the Cbot to help larger hotels sterilize their rooms.

The aptly named CIRQ+Clean Cbot dispenses a fluid that kills the coronavirus and other pathogens on hard, non-porous surfaces. The fluid is updated with the most EPA-approved settings and it is non-toxic so guests and cleaning staff can even be present while the machine is working.

The Cbot is touchless and comes with a mobile hub. It includes wireless charging, an alarm clock, wifi access, Bluetooth audio, temperature controls, and more. It can be used in hotels, schools, businesses and other public places.

CIRQ+ founder Yani Deros said in,, “As technologists and innovators at CIRQ+, we were inspired to rise to the challenge posed by the pandemic to leverage our Ultimate Smart Room platform to create viable solutions. CIRQ+CLEAN was created to ensure that employees, guests or residents can trust that the property where they are working or staying has implemented the highest standard of health and safety measures..”

All the features of the Cbot can be controlled by voice command or by mobile app to help it be touch-free. The Cbot can also help hotels and commercial properties save money on utility expenses and reduce energy usage.

CIRQ+ explains on their website how the Cbot works:

In a hotel guest room equipped with the in-room CIRQ+ hub, the autonomous, smart CBot recognizes an empty room with an occupancy sensor connected to the property’s property-management system and circumnavigates the space, dispensing a consistent, uniform electrostatically charged disinfectant on surfaces and areas missed by manual cleaning or ultraviolet light methods. Once the initial spraying is complete, housekeeping can safely enter the sterilized room to change linens, clean bathrooms, vacuum and complete routine cleaning practices.

The robot can reach areas that housekeeping either can’t get to or may have overlooked in a matter of minutes. It not only helps reduce errors, it even makes rooms safe for the housekeeping staff to enter, by disinfecting it before they come in to make the bed, pick up the towels, and so on. CIRQ+ says they can treat an 800-square-foot room in three-and-a-half minutes, including the bathroom.

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Photo by CIRQ+

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