While we continue to stay safe in a changing world, wanderlust tugs at us. We want to get out, and feel our feet on the earth or in the water. We want to be somewhere else, even if just for a little while. But we stay close to home to stay safe. This means going cruising seems like an odd choice, but why can’t you plan to take that dream vacation in the near future?

Most industries, including the travel industry, are adapting to the changed world we now live in. The cruise ship industry might even experience a boom if they implement these changes. We found article that told us about a few things we needed to know when cruising finally returns.

Here are five things we think you should know in case you decide to try taking a cruise.


Before even thinking about taking a cruise, we need to figure out when they will return. According to current CDC Guidelines, larger cruise ships were not allowed to set sail until this past July.

What’s considered a large ship? That would be any ship carrying 250 passengers or more.

Smaller cruise lines are considering starting operations again now. Smaller ones include American Cruise Lines and American Queen Steamboat Company. If a smaller adventure with fewer people strikes your fancy, this might be the best option.

The larger cruise ships such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean have to wait longer for the sake of safety. August 1st is the earliest they might consider going out to sea again, although might wait till either the fall or maybe even as late as 2021


It shouldn’t be surprising that social distancing will continue should you choose to go on a cruise ship. The crew and vacationer’s safety is the number one goal of these companies in these difficult times. Implementing something that has become second nature to us all can help to that end.

That may also include masks, so if you can’t wear a mask or face shield, check with your cruise line to see if they’re required.


Keeping a safe distance helps limit the spread of the virus, but cruise ships will need to redouble their cleaning efforts as well. These companies will be increasing what they do to keep ships clean at all times, so prepare for different setups on the ships and especially in common areas. This includes changing how air is filtered through the ship: stopping particles stops illness.


Since those who have the virus spread it to others, cruise lines will test their guests to make sure to avoid spread and exposure. These companies have pledged to make use of-non invasive processes. However, as the availability of some tests is limited in certain areas, there might be a trend towards documents that mark individuals as safe to travel in the future.


Having lots of people gathered together can cause the virus to spread, and sharing utensils can also be a problem. Buffets unfortunately fit these problem areas. While this form of dining might not vanish completely — it is a staple of cruise ships after all — there will be changes to the way buffets are done. Perhaps the food will be brought to you by staff, or servers will be standing in a serving line, like in a cafeteria. Cruise lines have been spending this downtime coming up with solutions to these problems, so be prepared for anything.

What changes do you expect when it’s time to return to the cruise ships? Will you start cruising when you can, or will you wait? And what kinds of precautions will you take? Tell us about iton our Facebook page, oron our Twitter stream. You can also find us on ourInstagram page at @TravelproIntl.

Photo credit:Rapidfire (Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons 3.0)

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