What to Do With Your Bags Before Check-In

What to Do With Your Bags Before Check-In

It’s been a long trip, but you’re at your destination. You’ve arrived several hours before you can check into your hotel or Airbnb, and you’d rather not lug your bags around while you wait. So, what to do with your bags before check-in?

If you’re in a strange town wondering, “where can I store my luggage for a few hours?” We have some suggestions. Here’s how to lighten your load while you wait for your room or Airbnb check-in.

Hotel Luggage Storage

If you’re staying at a hotel, ask if you can drop your luggage off early. Most major hotels and resorts offer early hotel luggage storage. Smaller hotels may also let you store your luggage in advance of check-in times, but as not all small establishments support this option, it’s best to inquire about hotel luggage storage when you book your room.

Some hotels also offer luggage storage after you check out, in case you have time to kill before your return flight. Be aware, however, that you may need to pay a fee for post-checkout hotel luggage storage.

Can You Store Your Luggage at Hotels Without Booking a Room?

Just because you are not staying with a hotel doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t store your luggage there. Ask the hotel bellhop if you can temporarily store your luggage there, and offer a tip. Many bellhops will let you use the hotel storage space, especially if you tip them again when you pick up your luggage. Be aware that this is an informal agreement. The hotel will not be responsible if your luggage is damaged or lost, so you do assume some small amount of risk.

How Long Will a Hotel Hold Your Luggage?

There’s no hard and fast rule for how long a hotel will hold your luggage, but those that do offer pre-check-in hotel luggage storage will generally store your luggage for at least several hours. Some hotels will store luggage for up to seven days, especially if you arrange to ship it to them through a travel provider.

Pros and Cons of Hotel Luggage Storage

Storing your luggage at a hotel before you check into your room is convenient. Your luggage is usually in a secure location, although you should use luggage locks for added security. With your bags stored, you can explore local sights without wheeling your suitcase behind you. On the downside, crowded hotel luggage storage rooms increase the risk of scuffs and scrapes on your bags. Some hotels charge a fee for pre-check-in storage and may only offer hotel storage at certain times of the day.

Is Airbnb Luggage Drop Off Allowed?

Airbnb rentals may allow you to drop off your luggage before check-in if the previous occupants have checked out. It’s up to the property owner if Airbnb luggage dropoff is permitted, so check with your host when booking. Airbnbs with high rental rates are unlikely to offer early baggage storage.

If you’re allowed to store bags at an Airbnb vacation rental early, your host might have specific restrictions, such as a set timeframe for the dropoff that works with the host’s schedule.

Where Else Can You Store Luggage for a Few Hours?

You may need to get creative if your hotel or vacation rental won’t store your luggage. Universities, colleges, and bus terminals often have for-rent lockers where you can store small bags, which at least allows you to secure your carry-on luggage.

Check if the airport or local train station has luggage storage facilities for larger suitcases. You’ll be charged a fee for this type of storage. Major cities may also have luggage storage services, usually located near transportation hubs or tourist attractions, where you can pay to leave your bags.

With some planning, you can generally arrange luggage storage until you check into your accommodations, leaving you free to explore, shop, or conduct business as you wish.

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