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How to Pack a Suit in a Carry-On Bag

Women holding a suiter

Sometimes, packing for a trip requires more thought than just piling folded clothes into your carry-on. When your plans include attending a meeting or special event, you may wonder how to pack a suit without causing wrinkles or damage.

Good news: With the right technique and the right luggage you’ll know exactly how to pack a suit in a suitcase.

Choose the Right Carry-On Bag

Suits are an investment, so you’ll want to make sure your luggage is built to protect what’s inside. If you travel often for events that require formal attire, consider an expandable carry-on with some compartments built-in—bonus points if it comes with a drop-in, fold-out suiter to keep clothes wrinkle-free during travel.

Platinum Elite carry-on spinner with suiter. Woman putting a suit in a fold out suiter

Conserve Space

When packing a suit in a carry-on, don’t compress it. It will likely take up the most space in your bag, therefore it’s best to keep your other items to a minimum to minimize wrinkling. Opt for lighter fabric clothing and limit the pairs of shoes you pack. Check this guide on how to pack your carry-on for more helpful packing tips.

How to Pack Dress Shoes

First, decide how many pairs of shoes you need for your trip. Ideally, if you’re traveling with just a carry-on, you’ll want to pack your dress shoes and wear your casual shoes to the airport. Consider using shoe bags to protect your shoes from scuffs and your clothing from getting dirty. Stuff the packed shoes with socks and underwear to maximize space and help the shoes hold their shape.

How to Fold a Suit

If you have to fold your suit to pack it, doing it right will keep you looking sharp and wrinkle-free.

Step 1: Fold the trousers horizontally and lay them on a flat surface

Step 2: Turn the suit jacket inside out and pull it closed so the lapels meet

Step 3: Place the jacket on top of the trousers

Step 4:Take the bottom third of the jacket and fold it upwards. Then, take the top third of the jacket and fold it down — similar to how you would fold a letter

Step 5: Fold the bottom half of the trousers up and over the folded jacket; fold the top half of the trousers down to complete

Step 6:Place the folded suit in a packing cube to place in your luggage

How to Fold a Dress Shirt

Step 1: Before folding, button the dress shirt all the way up to the collar

Step 2: Place the dress shirt face down on a flat surface with the arms stretched out to the sides like a “V”

Step 3: Take one sleeve, fold it along the crease of the shoulder, and place it diagonally across the back of the shirt, keeping it nice and straight

Step 4: Repeat this step with the opposite sleeve so they cross in the middle of the back

Step 5: Now fold the bottom of both sleeves upward so the cuffs meet the collar

Step 6: Fold the right and left sides of the shirt inward so they meet in the middle

Step 7:Fold the bottom and top thirds of the shirt in to meet in the middle of the back; make sure the shirt collar is laying flat

Investing in a Garment Bag

The best way to travel with a suit is by using a garment bag, which keeps clothes hanging while packed — no fancy folds necessary. Go a step further with a rollingcarry-on garment bag with lots of built-in compartments for ultra-organized packing.

With the right tools and a few tips, you’ll be travelling in style and arriving without a wrinkle.

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