Living in Florida means we see a lot of tourists. And wherever we go, whether it’s cruising around Miami to people watch or eat great food, or to head up to Orlando and visit the theme parks, we still see people spending a lot of time staring at their phones. They’re missing out on some of the most beautiful and exciting sights in the country — or at least in the most magical place on Earth — because they’re looking at their phones. No one can be device-free for just a few minutes.

Both adults and kids, whenever they have a minute, will pull out their phones and swipe, swipe, swipe, looking for something more exciting and interesting than whatever it is they’re doing at that moment.

These are trips that are no doubt costing a few thousand dollars, requiring them to travel hundreds if not over a thousand, miles just to get there.

Of course, if you need something to do while you’re waiting in line for the Tower of Terror, we can’t blame you.

And others are sharing photos of their time, showing everyone back home the fun they’re having.

Still, we want to issue a challenge for the next time you go on vacation:Take a vacation from your phone for a day.

Create a No Phones For a Day rule and see how you all do. That means no social media, no texting, no email, and no pictures. Well, one person can take pictures, but maybe you could get a cheap digital or disposable camera. No one can look at their phone for the entire day. And if you really want to commit to the challenge, leave your phones in the hotel.

That’s not to say that no one should have a phone. At least one adult should carry a phone for emergencies. You could even get a pay-as-you-go flip phone that will let you call the police or an ambulance.


First, realize that 20 years ago, not everyone was carrying a mobile phone. People used to travel all the time without a tiny computer in their pocket or purse and they did just fine. We’ve been device-free for centuries.

But we’ve all adapted to having them in their lives, and now they’ve become a necessary part of our lives. So you may want your young teenagers to carry their phones in case you all get separated. So ask them to delete their social media apps for a day or two, and re-download them when the challenge is over. Also, tell them no texting. Have them put their phones in airplane mode, which means they won’t receive texts from their friends either. (You’re still able to take pictures in airplane mode.)

You could even make it a game. See who can go the longest without checking their phones. You could even sweeten the deal a little bit and make a rule that the first person to check their phone for any reason (other than checking their reservations) has to do a family chore at the end of the day. That also means no checking during bathroom breaks.

Could you go device-free for a day while you travel? What about your family? Have you ever done that? Share your thoughts with uson our Facebook page, oron our Twitter stream. You can also find us on ourInstagram page at @TravelproIntl.

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