ven without the pandemic, resorts have taken a hit in popularity for destinations. Not only are there fishing and hunting resorts, but there are also family resorts, and of course, the spa and casino resorts you’d typically find in the Caribbean.

But resorts may be some of the best places for a vacation these days. Depending on your interests for your next vacation, there are numerous reasons to consider staying at a resort.

For example, in Northern Minnesota, Craig Brown and his family are operating McArdle’s Resort, a resort that has been in the family for 40 plus years.

When Covid hit, people were canceling their resort reservations from left and right. Brown told the Minneapolis Star-Tributethey had not seen anything like that since 2008, when the economy last collapsed. However, the resort has started seeing its numbers rise once again, even beginning in late summer 2020. It was a great way to get away and still be protected from society at large.


Resorts have several advantages that travelers can consider for a great stay in the near future.

Depending on the resort, everything is usually included,especially at the spa resorts and casino resorts. There may be extra costs for outside-the-resort activities, such as horseback riding, but at “all-inclusive” resorts, everything is included in the price.

This can be important if you’re stressed about the surprise expenses. If you know the entire cost upfront, even if it’s a little higher than the “regular” resorts, you may end up spending less because you don’t miss a few of those hidden costs, like transportation to and from the airport.

In the family resorts, the kids’ programs are often top-notch.So if you’re vacationing with your family, keeping your kids entertained is a priority. Resorts are making considerable efforts to create lasting memories for children.

In Mexico, Memories Grand Bahama Beach and Casino Resort hosted Super Hero Week with Iron Man and Spider-Man onsite. They also offered nightly Marvel movie showings and held costume parties and “Super Hero 101” workshops.

The resort industry is full of properties that serve different purposes and appeal to different crowds. For a low-key, stress-free vacation that’s filled with nature, a family could consider one like Craig and Paige’s McArdle’s Resort, which is geared toward fishermen but is also for families. It’s a nice cool place to visit in the hot summer.

There are resorts designated for yoga and spa retreats. These are designed for serene environments and are managed by instructors who are licensed for different yoga formats. For instance, Red Mountain Resort in Utah boasts about its pet-friendliness, yet it also offers one-of-a-kind yoga studios and meditation spots.

There are even destination resorts that are built with a certain feature in mind to attract tourists. Think beach resorts, island resorts, mountain resorts, or resorts where castles are turned into hotels.

Ecotourist resorts are for those who are environmentally conscious, and want to feel like they are having fun, but not at the expense of the Earth. These kinds of resorts are typically surrounded by nature and operate in green fashion, placing a high priority on recycling waste and limiting gas usage. You can leave there feeling like you have invested in the Earth while having a great time encountering nature.

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