Flammables Allowed On Board, Surprisingly these Items Fly

Flammables Allowed On Board, Surprisingly these Items Fly

Over 30 years ago, Congress passed laws that banned smoking on all flights. Since then, passengers have had to wait until they're in designated smoking areas at their arrival airports to light up. These smoking bans raise concerns for anyone travelling, though.

What is allowed on the plane? Obviously, you can’t light your cigarette while onboard, but can you bring cigarettes on a plane? What about devices to light those cigarettes, such as matches, lighters, or handheld torches?

Let's dive in and see what TSA expects from the passengers, so everyone is kept safe. For a more complete list, beyond just flammables, look at our article on what not to bring on the plane.

Cigarettes and Cigars on an Airplane

Even though you can't light up while flying, there are no regulations against bringing tobacco products on the plane with you. So yes, you can bring cigars on a plane, as well as cigarettes.

Keep in mind, however, that even though you can bring these items on the plane, you could run into regulations on how many you can bring with you if you're flying internationally. Generally speaking, you are limited to 200 cigarettes and 100 cigars when returning from outside the country.

Review our recent article about putting carry-on luggage to the test to get an idea of how many candles you could pack into a carry-on.

Can You Take a Candle on a Plane?

Around the world, artisan candlemakers create some incredible works of art. Some tend to be a bit delicate, so packing them in your checked bags can be risky. But, can you bring candles in your carry-on bag without issue?

Yes, of course! You can bring as many candles on the plane as you would like, as long as they are solid wax candles. Gel candles must be checked in your luggage.

Are Matches on a Plane Allowed?

If you plan to smoke in a designated area in the airport, you'll need a means of lighting the cigarettes. We know we can't light the candles, cigarettes, or cigars on the plane, but can we bring matches?

TSA rules allow a limited number of matches when aboard. You can carry one pack of matches per passenger, which must remain on your person (not tucked away in your bag). In addition, they cannot be strick anywhere matches.

Can I bring Electronic Lighters on a Plane?

While matches are fine, what about lighters? There are many different types of lighters, from disposable to electronic to torch-style. So let's review which are safe, and which should stay home.

Disposable lighters are allowed in your carry-on. Electronic lighters are also allowed if you can remove their battery. Refillable fuel lighters are only permitted if empty of fuel and safely packed in your checked baggage. Torch lighters with compressed gas are not allowed on planes.

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From cigarettes to candles and matches to electronic lighters, we have quite a bit of freedom when we board a plane with flammables. But one rule always remains: no lighting anything until you're in the proper area.

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