As we continue to live in a world affected by the pandemic, it might seem a little unusual to think about traveling again,but travel providers are taking appropriate precautions, and both business and leisure travelers are hitting the road again.

If you’re going to fly to your next destination, whether international or domestic, for business or vacation, Travel Pulse shared a few things we should know about traveling safely by air.


Believe it or not, airflow on planes is actually safer than normal air circulation. Even before the pandemic, an airplane’s filters will circulate the air and filter it through HEPA filters, removing 99.97% of particles, six times per hour. This goes a long way towards keeping everyone safe.


We’ve long recommended that you take your own disinfectant wipes with you on a plane, and wipe down your armrests, tray table, and TV screen, as well as any other hard surfaces you might touch. Now the airlines are recommending it as well.

Additionally, some airlines are using UVC lights to clean surfaces to maintain safe standards. And be sure to wash your hands and maintain all the standard hygiene practices that we’ve had for the last few months.


Given the many facets of air travel, social distancing can prove difficult. Long lines at the airport tend to put people closer together than they should be during this pandemic. So airlines are recommending that passengers have all required information ready before getting into any lines.

Seating on airplanes also makes social distancing difficult. For the time being, most airlines are keeping the middle seat open to ensure passengers stay far enough apart, but you should also make sure you’re wearing masks. Speaking of which. . .


Airlines recommend keeping your mask on at all times, unless instructed by security to remove them so they can identify you. Many airlines are strongly recommending, if not requiring, you to wear your mask to help protect yourself and others. Wearing a mask is often strictly enforced during boarding, and even if it isn’t, you should still wear one.


While not standard yet everywhere, some airlines are beginning to have quick temperature checks at the airport to screen travelers who might be infected. This might become the new normal as we continue to move through the pandemic. Airlines are also making use of track and trace procedures, so expect to be asked questions about where have been recently. And please, don’t lie about whether you have been in contact with anyone that has or had the virus. It could literally save someone’s life.


Like at the supermarket, airports and planes have signs everywhere showing where to stand, how far apart to be from one another, and the direction of movement. Please follow the directions, which are there so everyone can stay safe while traveling.

Also, be sure to call ahead if you have any questions about changes at the airport. If you traveled frequently before March, you may be surprised to find that the flow in the airport has changed quite a bit since you were last there.

Are you aware of another important change at the airports that we missed? Are there other procedures we forgot about on airplanes? Are you ready to fly again? Share your findings with uson our Facebook page, oron our Twitter stream. You can also find us on ourInstagram page at @TravelproIntl.

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