Many people are ready to take trips again. While there are many kinds of trips to choose from, family reunions seem to be on the horizon for a lot of people.

As whole families are getting vaccinated, there are many comforts and suggestions for travellers to consider planning family reunions. For the last year, family members have kept themselves away from each other, so it makes sense for the need for family time to resurface, in person.


The need to reconnect with family has shown up in greater numbers as of late.

Recently,Wyndham Destinations conducted a survey about travel trends for American travellers. They found that 72% of the respondents said they are making seeing family and friends a priority this year, thanks to their lack of connection over the last year, and many of these trips will include family reunions.

Rather than bouncing around from city to city, family member to family member, why not just schedule a family reunion for several of you at once? The New York Times recently reporteda lot of travel properties that cater to large-scale gatherings, such as resorts, are seeing the windfall of the family reunion trend.

The benefit of having a family reunion is that a lot of people have been itching to travel, so everyone can travel to a different location and get that travel itch scratched. Also, if there are limited windows of opportunity, family members don’t have to pick and choose who they’re going to visit — no playing favourites or leaving someone out.


The Wyndham Destinations survey also asked people what they’re considering while planning for these reunion trips. The number-one benefit of any vacation, of course, is relaxation. (Even if youaregathering with family. . .)

But it’s the need to relax that makes a “neutral” venue for a family reunion a good option: Everyone has the space to relax, and you can fit a lot more people from the family.

The second most important benefit of a family reunion is affordability. There are plenty of lodging options that family members can take advantage of. Airbnbs are good for smaller reunions in larger houses, splitting the total costs between multiple family members. Plus you can find properties in the city or suburbs, on a beach or in the mountains.

The type of climate is something else to consider. Some families love to be in the cold, while others like to be in the heat of the summer. You can head to the mountains for a ski vacation or head to Florida or Arizona for some special summer heat.

Finally, consider your accommodations. Depending on your family, some lodging types may not work for you. For instance, if your family members are considering staying in a hotel, and someone in your family needs accessibility features, would the hotel’s accessibility options work for that family member? Does the place have what you need to make your stay enjoyable?Can you be guaranteed to get the room with the accessibility features?


Staying in each other’s homes can be challenging, and family reunions are meant to be celebratory. Being in a familiar place may seem a little boring, especially if you’ve been wanting to travel. Here are a couple suggestions if you’re looking to get away for a reunion this summer.

Williamsburg, VA:The New York Times article mentioned the Belcher family travelling to Williamsburg for their reunion. It was easily accessible to everyone, they were going to stay in adjoining condos, and they would have a chance to visit several of the historic sites in the area.

Puerto Rico:Plane tickets to Puerto Rico may be reasonable right now, and Puerto Rico has some nice, sandy beaches along the coasts there. It can be fun to get away from the norm for your family reunion. And since it’s a U.S. territory, there’s no need for a passport.

Jamaica:Also known for its beaches, Jamaica is a wonderful idea for a destination in the summertime. You will need a passport, but there are plenty of resorts that could handle a larger group like a family reunion.

Depending on the size of your family, and all the amenities you’ll need for your family reunion, you could pick any of the “small market” cities — that is, not the big cities like New York or Chicago. Instead, places like Nashville, Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, or any other big city will have everything you need to host a family reunion of any size. Just find a place with an airport and a venue with plenty of parking.

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