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What’s the Best Colour for Luggage?

Different color hardside spinners</p>
<p>Traditionally, luggage has come in dark browns and blacks, colors designed to hide scuffs, dents, and scratches. Even today, the bulk of luggage you’re likely to see on a baggage carousel comes in darker colors, sometimes making it difficult to pick your bags out from those of your fellow passengers. However, bright-colored luggage is becoming more popular as modern bag materials are more likely to resist scratches and stains, even when bags are lightly colored.</p>
<p class=Today, you can shop for luggage by colour and choose from all sorts of colours. White, black, blue, red, pink, and green luggage is all available, allowing you to express your personal style as you travel. The abundance of colourful bags does raise an interesting question: which is the best colour for luggage?

Why Should Your Luggage Stand Out?

The main argument for bright-coloured luggage is that a green or pink suitcase will stand out from other bags, making it easier to identify. You’ll spend less time scanning luggage carousels for your bags, and you’re less likely to misidentify someone else’s bag as your own. 

Pink luggage set

Not only will you be able to quickly identify your suitcase, but other travellers will also be less likely to accidentally walk off with your bag. After a long flight, people are often tired, making it easy for them to look at a suitcase that resembles their own, make the incorrect assumption that it’s their bag, and head out the airport with it. These are usually innocent mistakes, and your luggage will probably be returned to you once the other passenger realizes their error, but that can take time, which is inconvenient for everyone concerned. If you’re the only person on your flight with a purple luggage set, chances are no one’s going to accidentally walk off with your bags. 

Purple luggage set

What if the person walking away with your bag is doing so on purpose? Airport baggage claims are tempting targets for thieves, who can simply collect “their” luggage from the carousel and walk off. Thieves are most likely to target the most popular luggage colours, as they won’t stand out from the crowd as they make their getaway. They’re much less likely to try to walk off with highly conspicuous, bright-colored luggage, as the bags’ real owner is likely to spot what’s happening. 

Bright-colored luggage also has an advantage if your bags get lost during transit. While uncommon, this does happen. Airline staff will have an easier time locating missing bags if they’re colourful and stand out on luggage carts. 

If you don’t own bright-colored luggage, you can still make your luggage stand out. Colourful, oversized luggage tags can help you keep track of your bags, although luggage tags can be obscured by other bags or removed by thieves. Animal print and abstract print luggage definitely stand out, but prints tend to go in and out of fashion, while solid-coloured luggage has a timeless quality. 

You can also purchase colourful washable suitcase covers that wrap around plain-coloured luggage. Suitcase covers allow you to alter your bag’s exterior to match your mood, but you may have to work to find a cover that matches your suitcase size and shape. Covers are usually only available for standard suitcase sizes. Besides, if you’ve invested money in a high-quality luggage set, why should you have to pay extra for protective covers?

Will White Luggage Get Dirty?

If you want highly visible luggage, white suitcases are the way to go. Available in hardshell and softshell bags, white suitcases stand out among other luggage like no other colour choice. 

White luggage set

The question most people want to know, of course, is will white luggage get dirty? It’s true that white luggage will show dirt faster than most popular suitcase colours, but most dirt can be simply wiped off with a damp cloth at the end of your trip. People also worry that scratches, dents, and abrasions will show up more on white luggage. Wear and tear is more evident on cheap white luggage, but quality luggage made with 110% polycarbonate shells or high-density, textured fabric resists damage very well, no matter its colour. 

When is Black Luggage A Good Choice?

While other colours are increasingly common, black remains a great suitcase colour for hiding signs of wear and tear. You can’t go wrong with a stylish black luggage set, especially if you travel for business purposes. A black suitcase is the bag of choice for corporate travellers. If you’re being picked up at the airport by a business associate, your luggage will be part of what forms your first impression. A set of high-quality black luggage looks much more professional than animal-print bags, especially if you’re travelling to countries that value tradition and conservative appearances. 

Black luggage set

What Color Luggage Should I Get?

Ultimately, the best colour for luggage is the one you find most attractive. Unless you’re travelling for business, any of the most popular luggage colours will suit your needs. And much like the old cliche about judging a book by its cover, the colour of your luggage is not as important as the quality with which it's made. A well-made suitcase, coupled with the righttravel accessories, will provide you with years of reliable service as you travel.  

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